What do you think of our store?

I think the workers are very pleasant and helpful if you need anything. Also it is nice to have a corner store you can run to.
- Bonnie

Clean, Friendly & Convenient.

Itís very friendly and the people that work here is excellent.
- Velvett.

Very convenient, like the home. Very sociable workers. Differently like the cappuccino at PQ.
- Franie X.

Very friendly people who work at PQ. Donít mind coming in.

It is a great store. Iíve been coming here since I have move to Pennsylvania. Employees here are great even Sue and Danny who are great people. The building is in a rear part of town. You can always find parking...
-Daniel Adams.

I think the store is very clean and wall kept. The people who work here are very nice and treat you well when I cash out and they greet you with a smile.
- Margie.

It is always a pleasure to shop at this store. The employees are very helpful and considerate. The Newspaper which I purchase on a daily basis is already on the counter for my pickup. I am really impressed with the service.
- Tom.

Friendly, personnel, good stock of merchandise, new & unto date items, clean atmosphere and, opens early and close late.

This is the best store with great workers. They are all very nice & helpful. Fran and Sue are the best.
- Justy Chaase.

Very neat, clean and employees are very friendly and helpful.
- Terri Pollock.

Pantry Quik is the best in town Ė clean and well taken care. Friendliest cashiers and, never have to wait in line.
- Mike M.

The store itself is very nice; some employees are very nice & try to go out of their way for you. Very convenient, very friendly, rather surprisingly clean!!
- Grace.

My name is Adrian Kara. I like the service I get from Sue always willing to go out of her way for the customer. At night Danny take great care of things and make the store safe. I come in the store anywhere from 4 to 5 times a day. If Sue was not here I would go somewhere else.


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